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Here are some music excerpts!

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What makes The Enchanted Tail so unique and fun is that the music is all sourced from famous operas across the centuries.  In fact, that makes this an amazing educational outreach program for the kids (and adults)!  Here are some samples with piano that we recorded to give you an idea of the beautiful and funny new lyrics.  Kids will be learning about opera without really knowing it!  This makes the program excellent for educational platforms and grants! 

Excerpt 1 I LOVE TO SING 

(Set to the music of Toreador from Bizet’s Carmen)

Our opera begins with a strong Woodsman walking through the Enchanted Forest.  He is singing very loudly about how much he loves to sing!  The woodsman invites everyone to sing along with a “Tra la la la” and clap their hands to the rhythm for part of his song.

Excerpt 1. I Love to Sing - The Enchanted Tail
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Excerpt 2 – A SPELL IS CAST

(Set to the music of Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen)

The Witch of the Woods was not happy to be woken up by the Woodsman’s loud singing!  She decides to turn him into a Fox so that he cannot sing anymore!  First, she sings this song to convince him to come out of his hiding place.  Tricky Witch!

Excerpt 2. A Spell is Cast - The Enchanted Tail
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Excerpt 3 – BAG OF GOODIES

(Set to the music of La ci darem la mano from Mozart's Don Giovanni)

The Princess enters the opera for the first time by singing this song.  She has a list of things that she needs to collect in a large bag.  They are the ingredients to a magic brew that will cure the spell that makes her fall asleep when she sings!  Will she find everything she needs?

Excerpt 3. Bag of Goodies - The Enchanted Tail
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Excerpt 4 – STOLEN CROWN

(Set to the music of La ci darem la mano from Mozart's Don Giovanni)

The Princess wakes up and realizes that her crown has been stolen!  It was the sly Fox who stole it because the only time he can sing again is when he puts the crown on his head.  It must be magic!  The Princess looks for the crown while the Fox tries to sneak off with it! 

Excerpt 4. Stolen Crown - The Enchanted Tail
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(Set to the music of Ponce's Estrellita)

The Princess manages to find all of the ingredients for her magic brew and drinks some of it.  If she can sing through her favorite lullaby without falling asleep, she will know that it worked!  Do you think it will work?

Excerpt 5. Little Starlight - The Enchanted Tail
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Excerpt 6 – FOX TELLS ALL

(Set to the music of Papageno-Papagena from Mozart’s The Magic Flute)

Because the Fox helped the Princess finish her magic stew, she decides to give him her crown as a present!  Once the Fox places it on his head… he can sing again!  In this song, he explains that he is not really a Fox but a Woodsman under a spell!  The Princess is so surprised!

Excerpt 6. Fox Tells All - The Enchanted Tail
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Excerpt 7 – FINAL WALTZ

(Set to the music of of the Waltz from Lehar’s The Merry Widow)

After the Princess helped the Fox break the Witch’s spell, he turned back into a Woodsman!  The two friends sing this song at the end of the opera.  They are now able to rule the Enchanted Forest as King and Queen of the Woods!  Don’t you just love happy endings?

Excerpt 7. Final Waltz - The Enchanted Tail
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