We are passionate about using the power of classical music to prepare young minds to thrive, improving their long term academic success, concentration, and social skills.  

Our aim is to present young audiences with classical music and opera that is carefully curated for their level of development, because involvement in musical stories automatically stimulates 

curiosity and the desire to work out complex patterns in a fun way. 

How we carry out our mission:

  • Live Performances

  • Online Music Programs

  • Teaching Portals

  • School visits - Virtual & Live

  • Audio recordings



Opera4Kids produces engaging live and digital programs centered around the art form of classical music.  Original musical stories set to classical music are written for young audiences and performed by professional opera singers and orchestras. 


We team with children’s choirs and youth symphonies to engage youth in opera repertoire while inspiring young audience members.  In addition to live performances in theaters and live workshops at schools, Opera4Kids comes straight into the homes of children through a YouTube TV show “Musical Make-Believe” where kids learn about each musical instrument in an orchestra, listen to a professional musician sampling their instrument, and watch young students playing as inspiration. 


In 2022 we will offer an audio recording of “The Enchanted Tail”, one of our operas featuring famous classical operatic music set to a new story designed to engage children. 


To involve children with music as active participants, we provide video tutorials on how to sing each song from our Opera4Kids performances.  Each opera produced by Opera4Kids has a teaching syllabus for school teachers and parents with engaging activities and facts.  By learning to listen to a story set to music in live performances and on-line, children are engaged in concentration practice and pattern comprehension. 


Opera4Kids has created an online platform hosting teaching material to complement our musical productions and supplement music education in schools.  As we partner again with Classics4Kids orchestra, a new original Opera4Kids will be presented to 5,000 K-6 school children in San Diego Districts in May 2022.


Since everybody has auditory skills, we are all potential listeners.  All young children and their adult supervisors – parents, grandparents, teachers – will benefit from Opera4Kids productions.  Our target demographic starts at children as young as 3 and goes up to children at 13 of all socioeconomic backgrounds with no race discrepancy. 


Opera4Kids programs are designed with K-6 in focus but strives to make our programs engaging for adult audiences.  Live performances have been presented to lower income areas as well as higher income areas both with equal positive response.  We hone in on disabled and underprivileged children as a part of our target audience since it is not as easy for them to access the benefits of classical music. 


With the benefit of the internet, our digital programs can reach children worldwide to enhance a global community, uniting children through music.  Our success has been shown with a 3-year-old child taking extreme interest in classical music instruments using toys and our fun crafts to copy our performers.  Another case study was two older children (5 and 8) easily singing along with our operas to the melodies of Mozart, Puccini, and Bizet! 


In one week of our live performance, we reached 5000 children from 42 school districts K-12.  Our digital learning program has the potential to reach the tens of thousands across the world as we invest in the appropriate marketing.