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A clever fox encounters a cunning princess and together they search the magical forest for their lost song.


Once upon a time a happy woodsman was wandering through the forest after a long day of work chopping wood.  As he was singing loudly, which he often did, the witch of the woods was awoken from her sleep.  Very upset at being disturbed, the witch cast a spell on the woodsman and transformed him into a fox so that he could not make any noises again.  


The sad fox was pouting in the forest when he heard a princess singing.  The princess was collecting many ingredients in a very large bag.   She sang about a magic brew that she needed to cook in order to break a sleeping spell that was cast on her.  In the middle of her song, the princess fell asleep.  Her crown rolled off of her head and the curious fox, who had been hiding, decided to put it on.


The crown had a magic which allowed the fox to sing again!  He was singing for joy when the princess woke up.  She grabbed the crown back, thinking that the fox was trying to steal it!  The poor fox could not explain because he had no voice without the crown.  The princess shooed him away and went about making her brew.


As the princess went over the ingredients for her curing brew, she realized that the very last ingredient was…. a fox’s tail!   She quickly set off to find the fox and convince him to be her friend so that she could get his tail!


The princess found the fox and pretended to be his friend.  But because of the spell that was cast on her, every time that she sang, she fell asleep!  She tied her crown to a string around her wrist so that the fox could not steal it while she was asleep.  

After asking the fox to help her cook her magic brew, she snuck off to get the woodsman axe so that she could chop off the fox’s tail.  Upon her return, a wild chase scene ensued between the princess and the fox.   Will the princess sacrifice their friendship and cut off the fox's tail to get her song back?  Or will the fox escape?  You must watch the video to find out!!!

See some photos from our assembly sized show!

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